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In the course, I use the two books mentioned before. Furthermore, each lecture uses a number of PowerPoint slides in English. Electronic copies of these slides can be found on this site. Furthermore, you will find an electronic copy of a paper that gives a very short introduction into the DSP theory and some papers that describe applications of DSP in audio, video and A-D conversion. Furthermore tables that summarize important mathematical formulas can be found here.

As an example, the PowerPoint slides that will be used in lecture 12 can be downloaded for free. For all the other files you need a userid and a password, which will be provided for free during the course.




*  Book Digital Signal Processing


*  Review of Mathematics


Handouts of the sheets form the DSP-Course.


*  Homework solutions


*  Desfil Lectures


*  Background Papers


*  Chapter 2 Continuous-time signal and system









Digitale Signaalbewerking

ISBN 90-6674649-1, price € 59,10


Traitement numérique du signal Une Introduction

ISBN 2-225-82522-X


Digitale Signalverarbeitung

ISBN 3-528-03045-3






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